AZM BOATS is the south Florida Specialist for Custom conversion, Fiberglass work, Rigging, paint, custom and refresh Interior, re upholstery seating services.

AZM BOATS was created to fulfill a void in the luxury high performance boat market. company owner felt that his personal boat was missing certain characteristics of a high end luxury boat so he then decided to take his boat, dissect it and add the creature comforts that the original builder did not incorporate in their build / manufacturing process.

From the onset it was his goal to create one of the most advanced boats on the water. AZM BOATS has transformed this boat into a totally different level of luxury, and performance.

Fast-forward to today AZM BOATS is creating the most amazing boat to hit the market. Since the start of AZM BOATS we have been doing custom fiberglass fabrication, rigging and finishing for different customer’s boat, which is our internal think tank that allows AZM BOATS to raise the bar in luxury and performance. AZM BOATS has taken all those different project, and has made drastic changes to the exterior aesthetics to not only make the boat look different but to give it that wow factor.

The first AZM BOATS ‘Customized boat’ has been adorned in a brilliant Lamborghini Orange and Alpine White color scheme with a fully customized interior, cabin and deck layout. “The goal was to give this boat a look of its own” says company chief designer beyond the exterior all the interior and rigging components are top shelf. The boat is powered with triple 7 Marine 557’s which is sure to propel this beauty in excess of 80MPH which is unheard of in a 40’ center console cabin boat. In addition to all the interior and exterior enhancements we have added a state of the art sound system designed by JL Audio to showcase their incredible marine offerings. The combination of the stunning appearance, breath taking performance and high fidelity sound system AZM BOATS has basically created the perfect boat.

If you are in the marketplace looking for a company that can turn your dreams into a reality, look no further AZM BOATS is capable of delivering your mildest to wildest ideas.